Cat Baskets, Beds, Trapezes

A selection of cats basktes and cat furniture.
This sofa  favorite by our Pirate.

Special hammocks among others. Trixie and The Cat's Trapeze with 2 or 3 floors. A great alternative to your expensive curtains.

Cat Iglo Minou Large



My Prince Cuddly Cave - Iglo - Trixie

Chaplins favorite, also animal-princes now and then enjoy to doze off in heavenly peace. Their after-lunch nap might last longer in this cozy, extra soft cuddly cave!
• short-hair plush cover
• foam padding
• removable roof with zips
• with stylish My Prince embroidery
• non-slip nylon bottom
Measurements: 40 × 42 × 40 cm

Trixie Mascot cat blanket

It looks like a flying cat - :)
Big cat blanket with a cat's head.
Size: 75 c 90 cm.

The Cat's Trapeze 3

The Cat's Trapeze in 6 beautiful colors.
►The Trapeze imitates the movement that is caused by climbing the curtains
►Provides challenge to cats who are bored
►Activate lazy cats by curiosity
►Contribute to the fitness of the cat
►Of course the Cat can also have a delicious sleep in the Trapeze.
►Recommended by the Cat Behavior Consultants
►Easy to mount on the wall or ceiling
►Easy to wash in the machine because the inner cushions can be removed
►The material is very strong and specially selected for cat’s nails
►Fit’s in easily in each interior by the neutral colour setting and is furthermore not disproportionate
►Decreases damage to pieces of furniture and curtains!!