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Purina Team Accept Judges Award from WPA President Vic Mason

The World Pet Association (WPA), the trade organization behind SuperZoo, announced the winners of this year’s New Product Showcase Award at a ceremony at the SuperZoo show on August 17. SuperZoo was held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from August 17-19.

Judges rated products in a variety of categories: dog, cat, bird, equine, farm and feed, small animal, aquatic, reptile, grooming, technology, and various pet products. A first place winner, as well as a finalist and a second finalist, were awarded in these categories.

The judges also voted for the winners in each of the following categories: luxury lifestyle, retail shelf appeal, point of sale, humanized pet product, health and wellness, pet product sustainable company, new to market pet foods and treats, and judges’ prices.

The winners are:


1st: Zoo Med Labs Repti Cooler

Finalist: Zoo Med Labs Tropical Bioactive Substrate Kit

2nd finalist: Exo Terra sub-stratum of the Hagen group


1st: Spectrum Brands / Global Pet Care Peck to Play

Finalist: Zoo Med Labs Avian Electrolyte

2nd Runner Up: Prevue Pet Products Play Bird Toys

Small animal

1st: Happy habitats

Finalist: Oxbow Animal Health Enriched Life Rest & Relaxation Family of Product

2nd finalist: Field + Forest by Kaytee Mini Hay Bale


1st: De’Vora Scratch Square Natural Instinct Grooming Toys

Finalist: CrittEar Groomer Pack, 2 sizes of dog earplugs

2nd finalist: Blackworks Stealth Table


1st: Central Garden and Pet Apple Elite electrolyte pellets

Finalist: Vetericyn Animal Wellness Equine Mobility

2nd finalist: Central Garden Finishing Spray and Pet Laser Sheen

Farm and feed

1st: Pro Poultry Feeder

Runner-up: Absorbine Silver Honey Fast Wound Repair

2nd finalist: Happy Hen Grub Frenzy


1st: Catit feeder and fountain

Finalist: Safetypawz LLC Pet Nail Clippers

2nd finalist: ETailPet


1st: Crazy K Farm Pet & Poultry Products Dia-Purr Cat Diaper

Finalist: Wahl Clipper Corporation Vetiva Mini

2nd finalist: Quick-Tag (The Hillman Group) ETCH


1st: Richell USA Inc. Space Capsule Pet Carrier & Bed

Finalist: Muridae Inc. Mouser Canned Cat Food

2nd finalist: Necoichi Kimono Yukata Bow Tie Cat Collar


1st: MyPet Safety Paws Pet Protection Products from USA

Finalist: Only an Ocean I Poochie Bells PetDreamHouse

Interactive food products

2nd finalist: Wilderpup biotherapeutic collars and leashes


1st: Penn-Plax Inc. Aqua-Flores

Finalist: Mars Petcare API Aquaspin Digital Water Testing Photometer

2nd finalist: Central Garden and Pet Aqueon LED MiniBows with SmartClean technology

Luxury lifestyle

Bonne et Filou 100% Natural Handmade Macarons For Dogs

Retail department call

Poppers Treat Planet Snicky Snaks

Point of sale

Hagen Catit Pixi Group

Humanized pet product

Himalayan Dog Chews 2021 Advent Calendar

health and wellbeing

Foldable Pill Wrap Stashios Wrapups Bacon Flyer

Sustainable product for pets

Shameless Pets Dental Sticks & Soothing Treats

New to the market pet food and treats

Jiminy’s Cricket Crave & Good Grub Dog food

Judges Award

Nestlé Purina Pet Care Pro Plan Live Clear Kitten

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