5 Best Pet Stores in Nashville, TN

Below is a list of the best and major pet stores in Nashville, TN. To help you find the best pet stores near you in Nashville, TN, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of evaluation points.

The best pet stores in Nashville, TN:

Our top rated pet stores in Nashville, TN are:

  • PetSmart – one of the most popular stores with a range of pets, supplies and food.
  • Nashville Pet Products – serving pet parents in Nashville since 1987.
  • Petco – chain with pet food and supplies, such as toys, beds and clothes (many offer pet services and adoptions).
  • The aquatic creature – Middle TN’s most comprehensive aquatic, pond and reptile facility.
  • Pet wants South Nashville – fresh and nutritious pet food made with the best possible ingredients and delivered to your doorstep.


5 Best Pet Stores in Nashville, TN

PetSmart is one of the most popular pet and retail brands. This pet store offers a wide range of products. PetSmart transports pets, pet supplies and over 10,000 products. This pet store has just about everything you will need for your pet. They have the best brands of pet food, pet supplies and more. They also offer training and grooming services. Their ‘one-stop-shop’ motif is what makes them one of the most popular pet stores in the country. They also help local shelters by showcasing pets that you can adopt. The staff are very friendly and helpful, another thing that makes PetSmart one of the best pet stores in Nashville.

Grooming, training, vet, pet supplies, pet food, accessories, pets

Address: 719 Thompson Lane Nashville, TN 37204
Telephone: (615) 386-0105
Website: petsmart.com

My husband and I had to come and get a new hammock because our poor baby got sick and ruined the one we had. We made a pit stop with our large trailer that we are carrying and they had enough space for us to stop. Access is a bit tight, but people gave us space to stop. Awesome customer service! – Rosa Sanchez

Nashville Pet Products

Best Pet Stores in Nashville, TN

Nashville Pet Products is one of Nashville’s top pet stores and has been named the best pet store for three consecutive years. This premier pet store has served Nashville by providing high quality products and services. Nashville Pet Products is made up of pet lovers who know full well that we should always give our furry children the best. They carry some of the best brands of pet supplies and accessories. They also carry the best brands of pet food. The staff are very helpful and will be happy to help. These nuclear power plant personnel are pet lovers, so they will always go above and beyond for you. So if you are looking for the best pet store in Nash, Nashville Pet Products is at the top of the list.

Pet supplies, dog food, cat food, accessories

Address: 2621 Cruzen St. Nashville, TN 37211
Telephone: (615) 242-2223
Website: nashvillepetproducts.com

This is a very nice pet store with great customer service. They were very nice to our dog and gave him treats, as well as let us test outfits for some equipment for our guy. We will definitely be back. Thank you! – Sergio Escobar Torres


Best Pet Stores in Nashville, TN

Petco is another major pet care brand in the country. This pet store has a large inventory of the best and most popular pet products and supplies. Petco transports pets, pet supplies and pet accessories. They also offer pet nutrition products to help keep your pets healthy. This pet store also offers other services such as grooming, training and more. They also have a vet who will make sure your pets are taken care of. Petco has deals all the time, so check them out for their latest deals. So if you are looking for the best pet store to get supplies for your pet, Petco is among the best.

Dogs, cats, fish, small pets, reptiles, birds, toys, pet supplies, food

Address: 7657 Hwy 70 South # 116 Nashville, TN 37221
Telephone: (615) 662-2585
Website: petco.com

The two who worked there were awesome !!!! I walked in but my order hadn’t arrived yet but as soon as she did they were on it. I told them I could come back because I had to go get my mom on chemo but I jumped on it quickly. Thanks a lot guys. – Tonya Gann

The aquatic creature

Nashville, TN Top Pet Stores

The aquatic creature offers Nashville one of the best inventories of freshwater fish, reptiles and birds. This pet store has an amazing collection of exotic animals, unlike any other pet store in Nashville. The Aquatic Critter has an impressive reptile room where they showcase popular reptile species. Their fish markets are also among the most colorful in the city. They also have the best products and items like proper food and supplies for your pet. The staff are also very accommodating and will help you. These staff members are very knowledgeable and will help you with any question. So if you are looking for a pet store with exotic animals and supplies, The Aquatic Critter is arguably the best place in Nashville for it.

Aquatic animals, reptiles, pond accessories, pet supplies

Address: 5009 Nolensville Pk Nashville TN 37211
Telephone: (615) -832-4541
Website: aquaticcritter.com

Bought a tank on sale, very helpful staff. The owner was very patient and the selection of fish and material / filters / filter media was phenomenal. One of if not THE must-see spot for aquarium and reptile enthusiasts !! – Kevin Grecco

Pet wants South Nashville

The best pet stores in Nashville, TN

Pet wants South Nashville is a local pet store owned by animal lovers in Nashville. This pet store offers the best products, accessories and health products for your pets. Pet Wants Nashville South also has an amazing collection of pet clothes and toys that will surely make your pet happy and energetic. You have the option to buy online and they have 24/7 support. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and will answer all of your questions. Customer service is very important and the PWNS team knows it. They will always go the extra mile to make sure you choose the right products for your pets. Are you looking for an amazing pet store in Nashville? Check out Pet Wants Nashville South today for the latest deals.

Dog food, cat food, toys, treats and chews, pet supplies, grooming, clothing, home and travel accessories

Address: 1106 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203
Telephone: (615) 358-8430
Website: petwants.com

This is by far Stella’s favorite place for shopping! The staff really go out of their way to get to know you and your puppy. They always greet you with a warm hello and a big smile. – Jennifer Hinds

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