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Cannabis Wellness Awshad Start-Up Ventures Into Pet Care And Launches Vijaya Full Spectrum Pet Oil

Posted on November 17, 2021

New Delhi : Late in the day, cannabis wellness products around the world have gained popularity and traction in terms of effective use to ensure the physical and mental well-being of pets and humans. Various research studies from the past have shown that cannabinoids (compounds found in cannabis) interact seamlessly with endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system of our pets (mammals), and thus can dramatically improve their health and well-being. be and help them manage various types of health disorders / problems.

In view of the above, a South Delhi-based cannabis wellness startup Awshad has now ventured into the pet care segment with the launch of its latest product, the first of its kind in the Indian market – Awshad Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil for Pets – which combines the best principles of Ayurveda with intensive laboratory research to provide solutions to diseases that pets endure with age and other serious illnesses. Since pets age much faster than humans, and many older pets often suffer from conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, chronic pain, and cancer , this product developed by Awhad will help relieve the suffering of animals from these diseases. , and thus allow even the parents of the animal to feel relieved.

Awshad Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil, which can be purchased (and consumed orally by a pet or mixed with their food) with a doctor’s prescription, is now available as a 30ml tincture. and 300 mg on the Awshad website ( like on aggregator websites like CBD Store, Itshemp and more. In addition, the product will also be available from selected vets in all major cities in India. Notably, all of Awshad’s products are developed under license from AYUSH Department, Government of India, and are tested and certified in laboratories in Florida, USA – thus having a COA (Certificate of Analysis ), which is accessible on the Awshad website in an effort to maintain full transparency with its consumers.

Speaking on the launch, Shivam Singhee, co-founder and CEO, Awshad says, “We are pleased to launch Awshad’s pet welfare product, which primarily focuses on dogs and cats and other small and medium sized animals that live in our homes. As this product is prescribed by prescription, a pet parent wishing to purchase the product can contact their veterinarian directly or through our website where we have doctors on board to arrange consultations for the convenience of our customers. Awshad, as a brand committed to the well-being of all, has taken responsibility for meeting the needs of our pets and giving them their best life by providing them with a scientifically proven remedy in the form of Vijaya Oil. which contains CBD and other active ingredients with many unspoken problems that pets can suffer from. We are confident that we will be able to make our clients and their furry friends happy and disease free through our Cannabis Wellness Wonders intervention. “

Richa Jaggi, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Awshad – who was the chief architect behind the introduction of Awshad’s pet care product – was inspired to work on the same after she lost her pet dog Champ to cancer ( perennial tumor) in November 2019. Sharing her story, Richa Jaggi says, “Seeing Champ in immense pain broke my heart. I was told that CBD would help her greatly by decreasing the unbearable pain. But I couldn’t get good quality CBD from India so I bought some in Amsterdam but by then it was too late. The day I lost Champ I promised myself and to him that I would produce high quality pet cannabis extract oil in India; and now, after two years of research and hard work, at Awshad we have finally been able to deliver on our promise with the launch of our Vijaya Full Spectrum Pet Oil. Therefore, this product is an ode to the loving memory of Champ and will go a long way in ensuring that no other pet parent goes through the ordeal I have personally experienced.

Awshad Vijaya Full Spectrum Pet Oil consists of cannabis sativa leaf extract, which through scientific research has been found to be helpful for the ailments our pets endure with age and serious illnesses. This oil will help animals get relief from the common daily problems they suffer from. For example, long car trips and firecracker explosions during festivals can lead to anxiety in our pets, which they cannot communicate directly with the parent or caregiver. A prescribed dosage of full spectrum Vijaya oil can help them feel relieved and comfortable, and ward off anxiety in the long run. In addition, severe cases of epilepsy, cancer and arthritis in pets can be treated with this oil which has the best therapeutic and healing properties. Going forward, Awshad will continue to innovate and produce more disease-focused, effective and affordable cannabis wellness products.

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