Dog Heaven Co. Transitions to New Ownership Group

The ownership transition marks improved products and services for dog owners across the country.

Dog Heaven Co., a pet supplies e-commerce platform, celebrates a successful transition to a new group of owners with deep experience in marketing and finance. As dog lovers themselves, the group is committed to bringing a collection of high quality pet products and consumables to dog owners across the country. This announcement marks the beginning of a new phase of growth and development of Dog Heaven Co.’s services and offerings.

The group’s initiative is to provide products that their dogs personally use and enjoy. The goal is to give owners the peace of mind and confidence to choose the right pet accessories that will benefit their dogs and provide them with a fun experience.

As the company name suggests, Dog Heaven Co. strives to be a “heaven” of dog products that make things easier for owners and pets. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products to attest to this.

The e-commerce platform currently offers a selection of soft and comfortable dog beds, dog pillows, blankets, jackets, harnesses, and backseat protectors. High quality additions are expected in the near future.

Dog Heaven Co. is currently offering a 25% discount sitewide on pet products and free shipping on all orders. 24/7 email chat support is available to answer any product questions.

Browse Dog Heaven’s high-quality offerings here:

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