Forget the cat-walk, the doggies put their best paws forward

A French Bulldog models the collar and leather jacket from premium brand Moschino. [MOSCHINO]

Dogs wearing Moschino leather jackets and Marc Jacobs tracksuits may have been considered a paradoxical art form like the portraits of anthropomorphic dogs by American photographer William Wegman, but today it has become common for doggies. to have a full wardrobe ready to go for daily walks. in the park, whatever the weather.

The trend for luxury dog ​​clothes stems from a movement called “Pet Me”. It is made up of a growing group of people who identify with their pets and spend generously on their care, especially on fashion.

Fashion brands have quickly responded to increased demand from pet lovers, enthusiastically launching their own lines and collections of pet clothing each season.

Italian luxury clothing brand Moncler’s Poldo Dog Couture is a representative case of a high-end brand that is launching its own line of pet clothing.

Moncler’s winter pet line offers a wide variety of warm pet clothing for the winter season, such as their famous goose-down parkas and ultra-fine wool sweaters.

With reversible puffer jackets and removable hoods 100% made in Italy, these miniature garments have no less detail than those intended for humans.

Moschino, another Italian luxury brand, joined the booming market in November with its own collection of pets.

Known for his witty and unique designs, brand creative director Jeremy Scott designed leather jackets, trench coats, hoodies and party dresses for the winter pet collection. of this year.

Fendi also released dog coats printed with its logo this winter. Prices for these coats start at 570,000 won ($ 480).

A terrier models the Moschino trench coat from the brand's animal collection. [MOSCHINO]

A terrier models the Moschino trench coat from the brand’s animal collection. [MOSCHINO]

The trend of pet clothing has become especially popular as more and more Koreans have become pet owners.

A KB Research Institute report titled “2021 Korea Pet report” found that 6.04 million or 29.7% of all households had a pet. This equates to one in four Koreans owning a pet.

As the population of pet owners grows, the domestic pet supplies market has grown 78.9% in five years, from 1.9 trillion won in 2015 to 3.4 trillion won in 2020, according to the Korea Rural Economic Institute. The market is expected to reach 6 trillion won in 2027.

Sports brands have also entered the pet clothing market as more and more people want to enjoy leisure time with their four-legged friends.

“As more and more people see their pets as an extension of their family, more and more people are looking for things to do with their pets,” said Lee Sang-hyeon, CEO of Callaway Golf Korea.

Callaway Golf Korea officially launched its pet clothing in October.

Kolon FnC, a Korean premium outdoor brand, has relaunched its children’s line with the addition of pet clothing.

A Bichon Frize wears the clothes of Callaway Golf Korea. [CALLAWAY GOLF KOREA]

A Bichon Frize wears the clothes of Callaway Golf Korea. [CALLAWAY GOLF KOREA]

Promotional photos of the brand with its matching tracksuits showed that pets really are families.

Lee So-yeon, 25, is the owner of a Maltese and an avid buyer of dog clothes. She says that while there are practical reasons to buy dog ​​clothes, she mainly buys them because they are cute.

“My dog ​​is cold in the winter, so that’s part of the reason why I buy him clothes, but most of all, I buy them because they are so cute and he looks so beautiful in the pictures”, said said Lee.

“Recently I bought him a sheepskin coat!”

At this time, there is no data indicating whether it is actually beneficial for dogs to wear clothes.

“But during the winter, when the dogs take long walks, it can’t hurt to have extra diapers,” said a staff member at an animal hospital in Seongnam.

Animal care goes beyond fashion.

French luxury brand Hermes sells pet products such as carrier bags for 3.45 million won; leashes for 960,000 won; necklaces for 800,000 won; and balls for 1.53 million won on its website.

Fendi also sells dog furniture and racks on its homepage.

Expensive pet cosmetics are also gaining popularity.

Eight-hundred-year-old Italian lifestyle brand Santa Maria Novella has been producing premium pet collections since 2015. Since then, its sales of pet toiletries have grown by 729%.

Today their pest control shampoos and lotions, which won 45,000 and 57,000, are so popular that they sell out quickly after release.

Kiehl’s, a New York-based cosmetics brand, has also decided to enter the pet market by launching a shampoo and conditioner for dogs with chamomile extract.

Experts say the psychology behind the “Pet Me” trending movement is the urge to show off and the desire to indulge in luxury little pleasures.

“The idea of ​​the self has spread from social media to pets,” said Lee Hyang, author of the “Trend Korea” series and general manager of customer experience and innovation at LG Electronics.

“Therefore, giving a gift to your pet was equated with giving yourself the gift. It’s basically a generation’s effort to compliment and reward each other.

BY SEO JEONG-MIN [[email protected]]

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