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Haltwhistle military supply store closes

A SHOP has announced its imminent closure.

The Center of Britain Army Surplus store in Haltwhistle has been a mainstay in the town for six years, but they’ve been trading on eBay since 2001.

A company spokesperson told fans, “Our second three-year lease on the store is due to expire at the end of November.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to take a somewhat early retirement rather than renew a third time and will close the shop definitively before the end of November.

“We will continue an online presence through 2023 to eliminate remaining inventory.

“We want to thank everyone for welcoming us here in the city, for shopping and for supporting us.

“Thank you also to the Haltwhistle partnership for giving us the opportunity to be here in the first place.

“We started selling army surplus and collectibles on eBay in 2001, working from home in a small space at the foot of our stairs.

“Within a year we had filled the house with stock, all the bedrooms, the hall, the stairs and landing, the sheds, my van, a trailer, even a huge pile under a tarp in the garden.

“When deliveries became too large for couriers to take home and pallet trucks couldn’t get through our lane, we looked for a new location.

“We took over an industrial unit in Acomb which served us well for nearly three years until one night at closing time we realized we had so much stock we couldn’t close. the roller shutter door.

“That’s when we moved to Haltwhistle.

“And the last six years… where did they go?”

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