I thought my adult sons took me for granted. It took some confusion to prove me wrong

One Monday evening my cell phone stopped working. I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t always looking at my phone back then. And so, when my son Alan called that night, I didn’t answer. He texted, emailed and got no response. He called Tuesday morning. No answer. At noon he was really worried so he called his brother David.

“Something’s wrong with mom!” She does not answer any of my phone calls, texts or emails!

David called my phone and sent me texts and emails. When he didn’t get an answer, he called Tom, the manager of my building. “Do you know my mother? David asked. Yes, of course he did. “Could you go knock on her door to see if she’s okay?” “

But when Tom knocked on my door, I was taking a shower. Tom walked back to his office as I got dressed to get down to my car for a grocery run. “Your mother didn’t answer her door,” he said to David. – I’ll tell you, I’ll go downstairs to see if his car is in the parking lot. Maybe she took a trip somewhere.

At this point, Tom was interrupted by a job. When he finally got a chance to go down to the garage, he saw my Honda sitting right there – I had already been back. Tom started to worry. Had the lady of # 212 pierced the eternal veil? Unfortunately, it brought back bad memories for Tom because in his career as a property manager he had found a few dead tenants. He had to prepare for the next task.

While I was in the elevator, going upstairs with my groceries, Tom was walking up the stairs to his office. He found my emergency contact details and called my brother. As I was packing my groceries, Tom asked my brother for permission to enter my apartment because maybe. . .

My brother unfortunately accepted.

Tom started the long walk down the hall to my apartment. And that’s about the same moment that I decided I was fed up with trying to figure out what was wrong with my stupid phone. I decided to go downstairs to use the office phone. I got up and grabbed my purse.

As I put my hand on the doorknob, someone knocked on the other side of my door. It’s strange, I thought as I opened the door.

“Oh my God!” Tom said, deathly pallor, gripping his chest, staggering back.

“Hello! What a coincidence,” I said, “I was just coming down to see you.”

“Call your sons! He implored. “They’re worried about you!

“Oh no. My sons never worry about me,” I said, walking casually down the hall with him.

“No, really, I really mean it. Call them, please!

“What’s wrong?”

“Just call your sons. And your brother too!

“But I can’t call anyone – my phone is dead!” It was then that Tom started to laugh.

At the office, we had my sons and my brother on loudspeaker. Everyone was very relieved to hear my voice, and I have to admit, I felt quite special. After hanging up, Tom and I spent the day laughing at how a series of things had gone wrong with clockwork precision. Then I went to the cell phone store and reconnected with the world.

Later that night I had such warm feelings for my sons that I called to chat. “Hi mum,” Alan said. “We are having dinner. Glad you’re okay. Can I call you tomorrow? “

“OKAY.” Then I called David.

“Hi mum. At a party. Can we talk tomorrow?”

– Of course, I said, hanging up. They were knee deep in their lives again, as they should be. Then I remembered that yesterday morning, when I was in a bad mood, I stood in my kitchen and said out loud to no one, “You know what? I bet I could die here, and no one would care!

But I was completely wrong.

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