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Evaluating the Shelf Life of Ingredients in Pet Foods

In the United States, sales of pet food and treats were just over US$44.1 billion in 2021. Understanding how to improve the shelf life of these ingredients will ensure a safe and healthy diet. healthy for pets.

What does the pet food market look like in the post-pandemic world?

Pet food trends are changing, with the industry using more artificial meat, plant-based foods, and dehydrated foods. Veganism plays a role in these trends, as does the growing need for pet nutraceuticals and pet owners’ desire to opt for sustainable foods.

A sustainable choice, delivering superior bowel performance

Traditional butyrate and MCFA products not only come from unsustainable sources, but also face issues of availability and price volatility. It’s time for a new generation of products that provide optimal gut health support while contributing to a lower carbon footprint for animal feed production.

Legislation hinders the achievement of a circular feed economy

While the circular food concept had been given high priority in the European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy and Circular Economy Action Plan, current legislation blocked the insect, algae, phosphorus and old food processing.

Plans for a more circular feed economy are hampered by European legislation. Photo: Team Publicatie

Complementary feeding: improving the intestinal health of piglets

With a seemingly endless range of additives and feed ingredients coupled with increasingly stringent legislation, finding the right composition for piglet feed can be a challenge. This article provides a comprehensive overview and a good starting point.

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Stable kibble: 3 actions for effective mold prevention

Achieving the right balance of moisture content, throughput, and pet food quality can support safety and quality parameters without sacrificing production efficiency. This article discusses managing moisture levels in pet food, safety, mold-free shelf life, and effective application.

Russia’s feed industry is feeling the sting of Western sanctions

The Russian feed industry has been disrupted, facing supply disruptions, costly logistics and extraordinary uncertainty following the mass exodus of Western companies. How is the country adapting to this new reality?

The import and export of raw materials and equipment has been hampered by Western sanctions against Russian banks combined with transportation problems.  Photo: Scharfsinn
The import and export of raw materials and equipment has been hampered by Western sanctions against Russian banks combined with transportation problems. Photo: Scharfsinn

Reveal the risk of mycotoxins in the straw

Each year comprehensive mycotoxin testing programs are conducted across Europe, USA and Canada. For the first time, within the framework of the European programme, a representative sample of wheat and barley straw was collected and analyzed.

Light color affects food intake and performance

Light color is now considered an important management tool in poultry production, and different colors have different effects on bird performance.

GAA improves performance in pigs and poultry

GAA is an amino acid derivative that is metabolized in the liver to produce creatine, which plays an essential role in the energy metabolism of muscle cells. Research has, in fact, confirmed that GAA supplementation can increase muscle creatine levels by 10-20%, depending on the dose.

Advice on feeding sows during the weaning-oestrus period

The period between weaning and estrus is critical. This article offers 5 tips for feeding sows during this period to improve their reproductive performance.

Section: Train the operator or the trainer?

Eric Vissers, process technologist at the Food Design Lab, asks, “Who will train the new 2.0 operator?”

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