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I would love to have the ability to convey to everyone who reads this Pat’s Chat online or in the newspapers or just in the email I send to those of you who have requested it, the blessings that I felt thanks to these private lessons. All quarters have been inspiring and helpful, but this quarter has been particularly wonderful. The name of the quarterly can give an idea of ​​the content. Rest in Christ. He opened up on this story:

“The flight went off without incident until the captain announced from the cockpit that the aircraft was expected to weather a major storm. “Please tighten your seat belts. We’re going to have a hell of a ride, ”said the voice from the cockpit, ending the announcement. Soon after, the plane began to shake violently as it made its way through the storm. Open hanging bins; people were tense in their seats. After a particularly violent thrill from the plane, someone shouted from the back of the plane. Images of a shattering wing and the plane rushing towards earth have crossed some minds. All the passengers looked tense and fearful, all except a little girl sitting in the front row of the economy. She was busy drawing a picture on the open board in front of her. Every now and then she would look out the small window at a particularly impressive thunderbolt, but then she would calmly resume her drawing. After what seemed like half an eternity, the plane finally landed at its destination. The passengers cheered and cheered, so grateful and relieved to be back on the ground. The little girl had packed her bag and was waiting for people to get off the plane when one of the travelers asked her if she hadn’t been afraid. How could she be so calm during such a big storm and with the plane shaking so much? – I was not afraid, said the little girl to the surprised man. “My dad is the pilot and I knew he was driving me home. Main contributors, Klingbeil, Gerald & Chantal, Sabbath School Bible Study Guide for Adults for July / August / September 2021, page 2.

The titles of the studies for each of the 13 weeks of the quarter also give an idea of ​​its content such as # 1 “Living in a 24 – 7 Society” and # 2 “Restless and Rebellious”. Surprises awaited me in # 5 ‘Come to me …’! Jesus told us, “I will give you rest. in Matthew 11: 20-28, but I was surprised to understand that the yoke with Jesus (just like the yokes on the oxen helped them to work together), our burden is lighter because he carries it with us. His burden is “light” (Matthew 11:30) because he always encourages actions of love. The yoke of bondage mentioned in Galatians 5: 1 does not refer to obedience to God’s law, the Ten Commandments, but by obedience, by faith when we understand that our salvation is assured, not on the basis of our observance of the law but on the righteousness of Christ covering us. As we become more like Him through our studies and prayers, we become more honest, loving, honoring our parents, not lying, stealing, killing even with our hateful thoughts, and just automatically keeping the law, not to BE saved, but because we ARE being saved. Our studies have helped me understand that when I complain about difficulties and feel depressed because things are not going well, I am not carrying the yoke of Christ but the yoke of another master. I prayed that God would give me back the joy of my salvation. Another thing that I hope you learn from me is that there are many people who have learned about the Seventh-day Sabbath and have also found joy and peace by studying and discovering the truths throughout. the Bible. I hope many can attest to the fact that they now have an inner peace that is difficult to explain but it comes when you commune with Jesus, in your heart, in your prayers, in your home, in your conversation with others, and in your thoughts, so that even when terrible tragic events occur and it seems your world, like mine at times, is turned upside down and we are turned upside down, underneath is a blessed peace that only Jesus can give .

You are welcome to come study with us at our church on the Sabbath (Saturdays at 10:30 am) or watch online with Zoom or on Facebook or YouTube at the Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our meeting ID is 961 2015 7208 with the code 319 635 #.

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