Pet Pop supply store now open in Gravette

GRAVETTE – Gravette opens the new year with a new business on Main Street.

Pet Pop, located at 128 Main St. NE, is a supplier of pet supplies. The company hosted the Chamber of Commerce’s monthly after-hours event on December 4 and had a smooth opening on December 6, the day of the Gravette Christmas Parade. Owner Joey Cannon said a big opening event is planned for the spring when the weather has warmed enough to include outdoor activities.

The Cannons bought the building at the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue NE in 2015 and leased it to other companies in the meantime. In recent years it has been a meeting place for the Beacon Baptist Church and the home of the Dynamic Rhythm Dance Studio. After the dance studio moved, it sat empty for several months, and given the number of pet owners in the area and the lack of places with pet products, Cannon said he had decided that a pet supply store was needed.

Cannon spent several months making extensive renovations to both the interior and exterior of the building. The interior walls have been reconfigured and a new paint has been applied to the exterior and interior walls. Some of the interior walls have been decorated in a textured design and the black lighting is focused on the walls of the main showroom. The front of the store features purple walls, a checkout counter decorated with purple and black wavy stripes, and a pink and yellow checkered floor.

Cannon points out that it has made a point of stocking only high-quality brands of pet food, including dog and cat foods from Taste of the Wild, NutriSource, Diamond, and Chicken Soup for the. Drunk. Other brands, like Hunter’s Special, Valupak, and Purina Pro Plan, are still available in the farm supplies section at Can-Do Hardware. In addition to pet food, a wide variety of dog biscuits and other dog and cat treats are available.

New pet owners who have just set up a home for their furry friends can come to Pet Pop for supplies. Dog kennels and transport cages are available, along with pet beds and bedding, harnesses, leashes and collars, and toys of all kinds. Pet health isn’t overlooked with the available pet vitamins, shampoos, skin treatments, pet toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Rabbit food and bedding is available, along with a limited supply of reptile and fish products. Cannon said he doesn’t know how many bird, reptile and fish owners live in the area, but has had several requests for supplies for these animals, so he plans to expand this section of the store. . He said he welcomes customer feedback on items they would like to see in his inventory. He invites people to come in and, if they can’t find what they’re looking for on his shelves, let him know what they want and he’ll try to find it.

However, Pet Pop isn’t just about pets. Cannon said he wanted it to not just be a place where customers can easily find pet supplies, but a place where it is fun to shop. The front room of the store has a variety of gift items with candy, clothing (some related to pets) and a large amount of toys for children and adults. Large coolers hold a variety of specialty soft drinks. Plans are to develop a themed area at the back of the store, similar to the themed areas at the family’s Can-Do hardware store, which is slated to open in the fall. Another area at the west end of the store, just down a ramp from the main commercial building, is to be converted into a soda fountain and will offer soft drinks and other goodies.

The opening hours of the new business are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Pet Pop can be reached by phone at (479) 344-2121. Cannon invites everyone to come visit, see what the store has to offer, and stock up on supplies for all of their pets.

Westside Eagle Observer / SUSAN HOLLAND A few customers are shopping at Pet Pop on the evening of Saturday, December 6, when the store held its provisional opening. Here they peruse the pet toys section of the store where they can find a wide variety of toys to amuse their furry friends. Treats, plush beds, scratching posts, and special houses can all be used to reward their pets.
Photo Westside Eagle Observer / SUSAN HOLLAND The main showroom at Pet Pop, the new pet supply store on Gravette Main Street, has shelves and bins stocked with a wide variety of quality food and supplies for pets. Pet owners can find beds and bedding, collars and leashes, toys and treats, health products and more for their pets without having to go out of town for their groceries.
Photo Westside Eagle Observer / SUSAN HOLLAND Pet Pop, the new pet supply store at 128 Main Street NE, offers a wide variety of quality pet foods. This view of the dog food section shows some of the inventory of brands available, including Taste of the Wild, NutriSource, and several types of Diamond foods. The cat food section has a similar selection of premium brands.

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