Pet stores feel the effects of the supply chain problem and increase the number of pet owners – NBC 7 San Diego

We have seen supply shortages in so many aspects of our lives. What our pets eat is no exception.

From the can to the label to the ingredients it contains, several steps in the process of manufacturing and selling pet food have been delayed or interrupted.

Pet stores are feeling the effects of supply chain issues. And it’s not just because of port bottlenecks. Aaron Phillips, the general manager of Kahoots Feed and Pet Store, told NBC 7 that the pandemic has caused many people to find a furry companion.

“We have seen rescues completely evacuated. So that’s a very good thing, but with that comes more consumption. And as the economy restarts and people go back to work, people are going out again, starting to live their lives again, to interact and to consume. There were some growing pains there and we all think it’s interesting,” Phillips said.

The lack of truckers is one of the ways the labor shortage has continually slowed the transportation and delivery of supplies.

“It happens to us all the time where we have a product that is ready to be picked up. There is a trailer loaded with goods and there is no driver to pick up the trailer and so it will remain for weeks,” said Phillips said.

The store had to switch to simpler packaging for Kahoots brand foods when needed. Raw materials like turkey tendons for dog treats are in short supply as the collagen ingredient is in high demand. Phillips said the cosmetics industry is the biggest competitor.

NBC 7 spoke to several shoppers who shared stories of how they had to change food or wait weeks for their pet food subscriptions to arrive due to the delays.

Phillips told NBC 7, while frustrating, the issues aren’t hurting their bottom line.

“You know, a lot of things have been having issues non-stop for about two years. Flexibility is therefore essential. And it’s critical to understand that in a lot of these situations no one can control and it’s really hard to blame. And we don’t need to do that anyway.”

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