St. Hubert Animal Welfare Center ‘Golden Girls’ Adoption Event

As animal welfare organizations across the country continue to pay tribute to the late actress Betty White, who died Dec. 31 at the age of 99, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison has decided to celebrate White’s legacy with the Betty White Challenge and a “Golden Girls” adoption event this weekend.

What is the #BettyWhiteChallenge?

The #BettyWhiteChallenge encourages animal lovers to donate to their local shelters and rescue on January 17, which would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.

Diane Ashton, director of communications at St. Hubert, said supporters have started contacting the shelter, excited to donate to the challenge.

She said the shelter has already raised around $1,000 and will continue to accept donations through Jan. 17. Anyone interested in helping can donate to

What is the “Golden Girls” adoption event?

The adoption event from Friday January 14th to Sunday January 16th aims to help senior pets find loving homes. White, a dedicated animal advocate, has made it his mission to find animals, especially the elderly, their forever homes.

To celebrate the ‘Golden Girls’ adoption event, the welfare center named one of their adorable kittens, ‘Betty White’ after the actress, said Diane Ashton, director of Communication. They also named a puppy “Rose” (based on White’s character on the sitcom, “The Golden Girls), and another puppy “Saint Olaf” (after Rose’s fictional Minnesota hometown on the show) .

Who are “Betty White”, “Rose” and “Saint Olaf”?

Betty White is a kitten at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, Madison, NJ (Photo credit: St. Hubert’s)

Betty White

“Betty White” is an adorable gray tabby, about a month old. She was a stray found in Hillside around Christmas. Ashton said she received lots of love and care in her foster home and will stay there until she is ready for adoption. Her foster says Betty is adventurous, curious, and loves to play. She also welcomes hugs and sits in her foster family’s arms and purrs.

Rose is named after the fictional character Betty White in ‘The Golden Girls’ (Photo credit: St. Hubert’s)


“Rose” is a three-month-old chocolate retriever/terrier mix. She just arrived in St. Hubert on a transport flight from their shelter partner Acadiana Animal Aid in Louisiana. Ashton calls her a little southern girl who is a bit shy but very nice.

Saint Olaf is named after Rose’s fictional Minnesota hometown in “The Golden Girls” (Photo credit: St. Hubert’s)

St. Olaf

“Saint Olaf” is a one-year-old black terrier mix. He also came to St. Hubert from Acadiana Animal Aid in Louisiana. He is playful, fun and already knows how to sit on command. “He’s a smart little guy and he would like to train to learn new tricks,” Ashton said.

“Rose” and “Saint Olaf” should be ready for adoption in the coming days. Anyone interested in adopting them can see when they are available by checking the website at

Which animals are to be adopted during the “Golden Girls” event?

During the weekend adoption event, Ashton said St. Hubert is offering a “pay what you wish” adoption fee for pets ages 8 and up.

Ashton said there are about 100 animals available for adoption right now at the Madison shelter and in foster homes. There are 25 senior cats available for adoption and three senior dogs available. “These dogs and cats still have a lot of love to give. The benefits of a mature pet are that they are often well behaved and you can already see what their personality is,” she said.

Here are three senior dogs to adopt:

Kane is a senior dog up for adoption at St. Hubert’s “Golden Girls” adoption event (Photo Credit: St. Hubert’s)


Kane is an 8 year old Terrier/American Staffordshire mix. He likes to play with soft toys and tennis balls and can easily keep himself busy. Kane likes to cuddle and seeks people’s attention.

Roxanne is a senior dog up for adoption at St. Hubert’s “Golden Girls” adoption event (Photo credit: St. Hubert’s)


Roxanne is a 12 year old Boxer/Retriever mix. “She’s super sweet, a puppy at heart,” Ashton said. She is friendly, playful and loves pets, snuggling up and lounging on a comfy couch.

Tucker is a senior dog up for adoption at St. Hubert’s “Golden Girls” adoption event (Photo Credit: St. Hubert’s)


Tucker is an 8 year old German Shepherd mix. He loves walks on the grass and loves spending time with you while you watch TV or work from home.

Three senior cats up for adoption include:

Al is a senior cat up for adoption at St. Hubert’s “Golden Girls” adoption event (Photo Credit: St. Hubert’s)


Al is a 9 year old orange tabby. He is fascinated to watch what is happening in front of his favorite window. “He’s an easy-going guy who always looks for his seat by the window,” Ashton joked.

Cappuccino is a senior cat up for adoption at St. Hubert’s “Golden Girls” adoption event (Photo Credit: St. Hubert’s)


Cappuccino is a sweet and kind 10-year-old turtle who needs some time to adapt to new places and new faces. She would actually benefit from having a cat friend in her new home, as long as that cat is calm.

Denny is a senior cat up for adoption at St. Hubert’s “Golden Girls” adoption event (Photo Credit: St. Hubert’s)


Denny is a 10 year old brown and white tabby cat. She is very sweet, affectionate and relaxed. Ashton said if you have a sunny spot and a cozy bed, she would love to join your family.

How does the overall adoption process work?

The adoption process is simple. Anyone interested can visit to see all available animals. If the animal is at the Madison shelter, he can make an appointment on the website. If the animal is in a foster family, they can email the foster family directly to arrange a meeting.

The adoption fee for cats is $150 and the fee for dogs is $350. Fees include sterilization, microchipping and all age-appropriate vaccinations. The animals will be sent home with a new collar, leash and a supply of the food they used to eat during their stay in Saint-Hubert.

Allaire Community Farm in Wall Township, NJ

The Allaire Community Farm introduces animals to families of children with special needs and veterans with various physical and mental disabilities.

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