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Last year, as the reality of the lockdown began to bite, the number of pet owners increased by 20% and a staggering 3.2 million Britons became pet owners.

Many of them were from younger age groups, possibly working from home and having the time to properly care for a pet. Unsurprisingly, the emergence of a new generation of owners who naturally depend on technology in their own lives has resulted in a great boom in pet technology.

Darren Logan, of the Waltham Petcare Science Institute in Mars Petcare, said: “We expect to see an explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the pet industry over the next several years. AI is well suited for analyzing rich data sources like video – and we know people love to film their pets.

“We also expect that technology will increasingly be integrated into routine veterinary practice, as a powerful tool not only for understanding how genetics and behavior influence overall health, but also to help predict. diseases, so vets and owners can work to keep animals healthy and happy. . “

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Here are some of the latest technologies for pets and their owners …


Think of it as a fitness tracker that you would wear on your own, but it does come with a doctor’s analysis.

Based on deep learning technology and a Whistle device (a “smart” collar for dogs), it translates activity patterns such as eating, drinking, scratching, licking or shaking into what they might mean in terms of subsequent illness.

As a result of a three-year study by scientists and veterinarians at Mars Petcare, who analyzed the behavior of thousands of dogs, it can interpret behavior and activities and note whether your dog is eating less or scratching more , will let you know and tell you what this pattern ended up meaning for other dogs who were subsequently diagnosed by a veterinarian.

This early prevention can help pet owners save on vet bills and hopefully lead to better outcomes for their pets.

Wisdom Panel

This DNA test uses AI and a large dog DNA database to provide an accurate dog DNA test (manufacturers claim it is over 98% accurate).

The Wisdom Panel saliva test allows owners to learn more about their pet’s health and history, such as whether the pet has genetic issues related to drug sensitivity, vision, weight, or body weight. mobility.

Over 200 health tests are included, such as identifying the animal’s ideal weight range, its breed mix up to 1%, and its ancestry to its great-grandparents.


Video vet appointments have become the norm during the pandemic, and Dogtastic offers instant access to personalized veterinary advice.

It allows members to chat live via video or text chat with trained and experienced veterinarians to reduce costly in-person visits and protect their dog’s welfare. Veterinary care covers physical, mental, behavioral or nutritional health problems for £ 24 for the first year.

The technology also allows dog owners to save and access a searchable recording of past conversations with Dogtastic vets via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


This grooming software makes it easy for dog owners to find, book and evaluate local groomers quickly and easily.

Filters include star rating, price, location, and skill level, allowing owners to select the right groomer for their dog’s breed and coat type.

Additionally, the app helps dog owners store their pet’s data in one place, keeping track of medical history and grooming preferences, as well as sending notification reminders for vaccinations and procedures. flea treatments.

You can download the Tuft app for free from the App Store and Google Play.


Obesity remains a major health problem for pets. This dog activity tracker fits any dog ​​collar and will set and track exercise goals, keep a dog’s weight history, and track progress towards an ideal weight.

The PitPat 2 Dog Activity Tracker tells you how long the animal has walked, run and played, the distance it has walked and the number of calories it has burned.

The app also gives a personalized exercise recommendation for your dog (with over 200 breeds covered) and is suitable for all dog breeds, ages and sizes.

Microchip cat flap

This allows owners to monitor their pet’s whereabouts and control their cat flaps remotely.

Users receive notifications so they know when their cat or dog leaves the house, even when they are away. The SureFlap Connect Microchip Cat Flap with Hub lets you control the door from anywhere, meaning it can be locked or opened as needed.

Owners can monitor their pet’s behavior over time to better understand their health and well-being. It is suitable for all cats and small dogs.

Smart bed

This pet bed has infrared sensors to monitor the time your pet spends indoors, and this recorded rest time is displayed on the Petkit app. This data is used to generate a sleep calendar to help you identify how your pet is sleeping best.

The Petkit Smart Cozy bed has temperature control, with seven settings ranging from hot to cold. The app displays the current temperature inside the bed as well as the outside ambient temperature.

Temperature settings are delivered via an air conditioner or an aluminum hotplate.

Animal tracker

This pet GPS tracking pack uses Vodafone connectivity to help owners track their pets through an app.

An adjustable clip attaches the Curve Pet Tracker Pack to collars and harnesses. Pet owners can create zones in the app, such as “Park” or “Home,” so that when an animal enters or leaves these zones, they will receive an alert on their phone.

Owners can also save their favorite walks and get directions to an animal’s location using the app.

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