Virgin Media viewers congratulate Elaine Crowley and her guests on opening as she hosts mental health talk show

Viewers tonight praise Elaine Crowley and others for speaking out about their mental health issues.

As they gathered for World Mental Health Day, they discussed their experiences, exchanged stories and shared the hope for improved mental health in Ireland on Just Ask: Mental Health Special.

The Irish presenter AM herself was clinically diagnosed with a condition called ‘dysphoria’ in 2013. Dysphoria is a generalized state of sadness, agitation, dissatisfaction or frustration, and it can be the symptom of several mental health problems.

She was also diagnosed with chronic depression when she was a young adult.

Virgin Media interviewed people all week about their mental health issues and the show opened with a montage of people opening up throughout the week.

Throughout the show, Elaine interviewed a variety of people, including sports stars, actors, and musicians, about their experiences with mental illness.

Former X Factor star Janet Devlin was also in attendance, explaining how she suffered from self-harm, alcoholism and anorexia before being diagnosed with a personality disorder.

Comedian and writer Martin Warde was also on the show, discussing how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected mental health services in Ireland, as well as his own experiences.

Viewers were deeply moved by the show and the way Elaine handled the interviews with sensitivity and empathy.

“Well said @martinbeanz, we all need to be careful of the tsunami of mental health issues we are facing after this pandemic,” one Twitter user wrote.

One viewer praised Janet for speaking out, “So brave to be so open about everything you’ve been through and are still going through. You do amazing things.”

“It’s so important to talk about mental health, and Elaine does a great job of hosting,” another wrote.

Another said: “Some very important discussions on Virgin Media 1… everyone is going through stressful and difficult times in their lives… know that you are not alone.”

“#JustAsk is the hardest thing to do when you’re not well, so for the person’s family and friends I’d say #reachout,” said another.

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